How to Cope with Panic Attacks


You suddenly feel dizzy your heart racing, sweating, trembling, tingling in the feet and hands, and shortness of breath. You are afraid that you are dying, losing your mind, or doing something uncontrollable.

You have been examined by your physician and found to be reasonably healthy. What is going on?

You are probably having a panic attack. Panic attacks are very scary and can leave you feeling shaken and terrified of their reoccurrence.

But you CAN learn to cope with panic attacks so that they don’t make you miserable.

Look at Panic Attacks Realistically:

Panic attacks won’t make me “go crazy”
Panic attacks won’t make me lose control
Panic attacks won’t make me faint
Panic attacks won’t kill me
You Can Help Yourself Control Panic Attacks:

Don’t Fight Panic Attacks.People react to panic attacks by tensing up, getting angry, or being terrified. All of these reactions make matters worse. Go with the flow. You CAN handle the situation. Accept the symptoms and take an attitude that says, “This is a panic attack – I’ve been through this before. It will pass.”

Talk to Yourself. You can repeat a phrase or a statement when panic symptoms begin:
“This is just a panic attack. I’m not dying.”
“I can accept these feelings. I am not losing control or going crazy.”
“I can get through this.”
“My thoughts are causing these bodily reactions – I’m going to be all right.”
Distract Yourself. Focus your attention outside of your body.
Get involved in a simple, repetitive task like counting or fixing something.
Play a game or work at a hobby.
Talk to people.
Go to Work.

Ask yourself

“Do I get panic attacks when I’m under stress?”
“Do I get panic attacks when I’m angry?”
“Do I get panic attacks around certain people?”
“Do I get panic attacks when I consume too much sugar or caffeine?”

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